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Estonian tourists visit MTZ as industrial tourism developing in Belarus

Belarusian tractors and Estonian farmers. The first major excursion for foreign tourists was held at MTZ (Minsk Tractor Works) plant. Estonian tourists were the first ones to visit the plant.

Many of today’s guests visited Belarus before and remember it to be totally different. In the early 1970’s they had their educational internship here. During the hour and a half excursion tourists got acquainted with an exposition of machinery, they visited the engineering workshop and the tractor assembly section.

Tarmo Tein (Estonia):
It is very interesting. The plant looks different; I’m very pleased to be here. Tractors Belarus are becoming more and more popular in Estonia.

Oliver Manglus (Estonia):
We are very pleased to have such a possibility, that everything is available now. Another good thing is that there are tourists from Estonia in Belarus this year.

It is planned to put industrial tourism onto sustainable tracks in Belarus. A numerous group of Spanish tourists is expected at the MTZ plant at the beginning of May.

Estonian tourists visit MTZ