Belarus would like to place bonds on Chinese financial market

Belarus would like to place bonds on Chinese financial market

Development of the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park and the entry of a Chinese bank into the Belarusian market were discussed April 18 at the Palace of Independence. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko received the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Zhang Dejiang.

As the head of state noted, Belarus is interested in continuing active meetings at the highest level, as well as in multilateral formats, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. However, on April 18, during the talks, accent was made on strengthening economic cooperation between the two countries.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We expect that the high level of our political relations will bring the economy, first of all Belarus, to the tempo and heights that you have achieved. I would like to talk today about some issues in our relations.

First, the further development of the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park Great Stone. We cannot together create enterprises and economies of the past.

It is necessary to attract there the most advanced companies of the world level for the work with the economy of tomorrow. Otherwise, enterprises will not be able to compete in European market, and even in the post-Soviet space market. When discussing these issues in the PRC, I would ask you to first of all have in mind that in Great Stone should only have high-tech enterprises.

Secondly, I am very worried - and you've probably noticed this - about the imbalance of our bilateral trade.

I would very much like to ask you to pay close attention to this issue, both in the work of the Belarusian-Chinese intergovernmental committee on cooperation, and at the level of the heads of government of the two countries and parliamentarians.

Third. We need to intensify cooperation in the financial sphere.

Belarus is interested in attracting Chinese companies to the banking sector.

There are preliminary agreements on the entry of China CITIC Bank into the Belarusian market. Now the permission of the competent authorities of China is needed. In addition, we would like to place Belarusian bonds on your financial market. Relevant instructions are necessary for expeditious passage of procedures at the People's Bank of China.

During the talks, the parties considered cooperation in the financial and investment sectors. Tourism is another promising area for China and Belarus.