EU appreciates Belarus’ openness in labor migration discussion


EU appreciates Belarus’ openness in labor migration discussion

The EU positively evaluated Belarus’ openness in the discussion of labour migration issues. The topical issue for the Old World is being discussed in Minsk at an international meeting.

Experts from Spain, Latvia, Poland, Romania and representatives of the European Commission’s Legal Service are among the participants of the forum. The main question is how to prevent the utilization of labour migrants by third parties.

Comprehensive efforts are made to minimize such risks today. Among these efforts are the improvement of legal knowledge of the people, conclusion of direct contracts, and guarantees of rights’ protection in case of conflicts, of course.

Alexei Begun, Head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is trying to consider the experience of the EU, which is directed at minimizing the cases of labor exploitation of Belarusian citizens in the EU. When a Belarusian citizen leaves Belarus to work in one company and then he is exploited by another company on absolutely different terms.

Igor Lei, jurisconsult of the European Commission’s Legal Service:
The European Union is pleased by the fact that Belarus is now open for the discussion of different issues concerning immigration and labour migration. It is due to the increase of the migration flow to the EU in the last couple of years. We are trying to address the challenge adequately, to provide all the necessary conditions for migrants in the Union.

The issue of the host countries’ responsibility was touched upon. Issues concerning the control of employers’ activity in Europe and the possibilities of applying such a scheme in Belarus were discussed in particular.