Belarusians’ achievements in astronautics

Belarusians’ achievements in astronautics

Belarusians pave not only earthly but also space roads. How can we forget about this on Cosmonautics Day on April 12? Belarus boasts three cosmonauts and two own satellites and also the center of space connection, which has recently been built. These are serious achievements despite Belarus isn’t a big country, especially if we look from space. Alena Syrova has more on the topic.

Alena Syrova, correspondent:
Gagarin said "Let's go!" and opened the road to space for man 56 years ago. Several generations of transcendental dreamers have changed, but the force of attraction to the space mysteries is still strong both on Earth and under it.

Ivan Misko, sculptor, People's Artist of Belarus:
This is a good, healthy disease. But it is incurable. It’s not necessary to treat it.

Arseny Strochuk, a third-form pupil of Tomashovka secondary school in the Brest region:
I like looking at the stars from here. I want to see them closer.

Once upon a time, Yuri Gagarin dreamed of the sky. Few people know that Yanka Kupala was his favorite poet and his favorite poem was about flying...

My dear comrade, my pilot,

Take me with you!

I am already a big boy

I already fly in my dreams!

Arseny also flies in his dreams, apparently!

Arseny Strochuk:
I want to become an astronaut, because it’s very interesting in space. And I want to fly there as soon as possible.

If not for the painstaking work and healthy scientific curiosity, Soviet boys’ dreams of space wouldn’t have come true.

Vladimir Larionov, philologist, teacher, regional ethnographer, journalist, astronomer:
Korolev, Pilyugin, Ryazansky as well as Mikhail Borisenko, who was born in Gomel, were at the origin of not only Soviet, but also world cosmonautics. Mikhail Borisenko dealt with laser and space communication systems. His contribution is indisputable: we must know about it, be proud of it and someone has to continue it.

Vladimir Larionov, a Gomel resident, could become the first journalist in space, but he didn’t get a chance. It seems that he knows everything about space subtleties. He has hundreds of autographs, articles, photographs, and letters about the space and people, who dedicated their life to it, in his collection.

Vladimir Larionov:
Our two countrymen were driving lunar rovers on the moon. We really have something to be proud of. We had our own contribution to astronautics.

Ivan Misko:
Anna Timofeevna Gagarina ...

As Ivan Yakimovich Misko says, this mirror is priceless. Piotr Klimuk, who was the first cosmonaut in his studio, put a signature on it tens of years ago, and later other star guests followed this example. His workshop is a headquarters for all cosmonauts who come to Minsk. The figures of the space conquerors froze in his hands.

Ivan Misko:
Titov - number two, then Oleg Novitsky.

The space sculptor celebrated his 85th anniversary with his personal exhibition and he got, perhaps, the most unusual congratulation from the ISS, where his countryman Oleg Novitsky has been working for 151 days. He will return to Earth in early June, but Ivan Yakimovich is waiting for him in the workshop.

Ivan Misko:
I want to do it with the flag for the next exhibition. It will be the globe and flying Belarusian flag.

Oleg Viktorovich does not forget about his Belarusian roots. He always takes Belarusian symbol with him. While watching the space landscape, he finds his homeland and shares pictures of Belarusian cities in social networks.

The childhood dream of millions to look at the Earth from the spacecraft window became a reality a long time ago thanks to our countrymen too. There is a huge unexplored space and also space potential of Belarus ahead.