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Russian government on oil and gas agreements with Belarus

The President of the country shares the Easter traditions with Belarusians. Alexander Lukashenko traditionally makes a festive address. During the main Christian holidays he goes to church. I do not know what Alexander Lukashenko thinks about when he puts a candle, but, undoubtedly, about good wishes (maybe even prayers), not only about close people, but about the whole Belarus, of course.

The political leaders of Belarus and Russia, both Christian nations, agreed on gas and oil issues, in pre-Easter days. It is hoped that obstacles to the promotion of Belarusian products to the Russian market will disappear. At least, the Russian Prosecutor General's Office reproved Sergei Dankvert's Rosselkhoznadzor institution. The leaders of the Russian government publicly announced the settlement of disputes.

Dmitry Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation government:
Through long discussions, we have reached agreement on the principal terms of our further partnership in this area, which is important for our countries. This package of documents will minimize the risks of price disputes or different interpretations of various situations in the future.

Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation:
These conditions have already been fully agreed upon. We are talking about the signing of the relevant agreements, on paper. Based on these agreements on gas issues, we will change the volumes of oil supplies, we will bring them in line with previously reached agreements. These are 24 million tons per year.

Russian government on oil and gas agreements with Belarus