Belarus' preparations for Easter

Belarus' preparations for Easter

The last day of fasting and preparations for the bright holiday of Easter. The Easter Saturday for people of faith is both a mournful and a happy day. Bright and celebrative prayers are heard for the first time in the weeks of the fasting.

This is when Easter eggs, cakes and paskha (a Russian dessert made from curd or cream and traditionally served at Easter) are blessed.

All Christians of Belarus will celebrate Easter on the same day in 2017.

For me it’s tribute to Belarus’ laws, to laws of ancestors.

It’s a celebration of spring’s revival, of light, kindness, love, and warmth. So that peace, calmness and prosperity are everywhere.

This is a church celebration, it means a lot. Probably it is my favorite celebration since childhood.

We believe that Resurrection of Christ happiness, spring and happiness come to us.

The history of Christ’s Interment is remembered, His Abidance in the Holy Sepulcher and Harrowing of Hell. It is considered that in such a way Jesus’ torments came to an end on Earth.

Christians will traditionally wait for the Resurrection of Christ in a church.

Night services will be held in all Orthodox and Catholic churches in Belarus.