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German air bomb SC250 found in the center of Minsk after over 70 years

An air bomb was found during demolition of the Belexpo center building in Minsk.

An object resembling a bomb was found in the morning of April 13.

Tatyana Oboznaya, official representative of the Tsentralnyi police department of Minsk:
In order to search and defuse the explosive, we called a sapper and pyrotechnic service of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus. The specialists said this is the German SC250 (Sprengbombe Cylindrisch 250) air bomb of WWII weighing 250kg. Currently we are preparing to take it to a landfill and destroy it in the established order.

 экскаваторщик о найденной бомбе на «Белэкспо»

The excavator operator first thought it was a stone and threw it away.

Vyacheslav, excavator operator:
But then I understood something is wrong, it resembled something else. This bomb was about a meter long. I told the foreman and we called the emergency services.

The bomb was later destroyed at a special firing range near Borisov (watch the video).

German air bomb SC 250 found in the center of Minsk