White Legion members in Belarus charged with establishment of illegal armed formation


White Legion members in Belarus charged with establishment of illegal armed formation

The journalistic investigation White Legion of Black Souls revealed the true values ​​of the organization, which was preparing to go to the streets with arms on March 25. Its participants during many years have been forging ties with Ukrainian radicals and have been adopting their combat experience. The outlook and ideology of those seemingly ordinary people was based exclusively on the theory of ethnic superiority and countering the authorities using force. Their plans included not only provocations, but also terrorist attacks. The book entitled "War in the crowd" has become their main reference. In the history of independent Belarus, this is the first such case.

Video recording:
On the night of 24 to 25 or 25 to 26... In general, about March 25 this year, a provocation was planned.

A German with Belarusian roots says that March 25 was to become a bloody day in Belarus.

This must have been done by people in balaclavas with weapons.

Police footage:
If you do not open the door in a minute, we will break it.

This is how law enforcement officers got into the apartment of Viktor Danilov. Why an ordinary man did not open the door became clear during the search. He had an arsenal of weapons at home. All this was to kill ordinary Belarusians. This man is a participant of so-called White Legion. White is associated with purity in Belarus but this man definitely does not have a pure soul. There are tens of people like him.

Evgeny Poltorzhitsky, detained:
Reinforcement bars are used to fight in the event of riots. Against law enforcement officers.

Reinforcement bars is just the beginning, the 'aperitif'. This is the 'main dish': grenades, explosives, machine guns and rifles. The smell of gunpowder for militias with ultra-right views is the most spiritual thing they learned in patriotic camps. It took a long time to train these people.

White Legion is an organization that emerged in the early 1990s and was reportedly dismissed in the middle of the 2000s.

However, it is now clear that this organization simply hid retaining conspiratorial underground movement with a clear structure and training in the forest patriotic camps. Marches, shooting and tactics of urban warfare.

Andrei Komlik-Yamatin, detained:
We were divided into groups and practiced ambushes, direct clashes and behavior under fire.

The legion's fighters were going to fight in their own country. There are a lot of facts indicating that on March 25, they planned not only a protest but also an armed provocation. This is the main context of the film made by our colleagues.

Vladimir Gostyukhin, People's Artist of Belarus:
The opposition, which feeds and lives at the expense of funds. These are people who live on foreign funding. But they will work for the interests of foreign countries here. This is an obvious thing.

They were waiting for reinforcement from the same "thugs" in masks and balaclavas. The organizer of the White Legion is now in the east of Ukraine. The experience of battalions like Aidar was taken over in patriotic forest camps in Belarus and during the border perimeter.

Nikolai Statkevich is personally connected with the legion. It was he who called people to go to the streets on March 25. He himself did not come. He disappeared, because it was scary to be in the street on that day. Take a look at the car parked near the Academy of Sciences. Statkevich used it as a passenger. And, knowing that all these bottles will fly into the crowd, he thought it would be better to wait in a safe place. After all, he did not want to personally become part of the TV image of this nature.

Just another fact: there were more journalists accredited for this 'usual protest' (as the opposition calls it) than for the parliamentary elections.

Video recording:
There are already places reserved, they will stand and shoot it all. And then they will accuse Lukashenko, President Lukashenko that he is guilty, that he shoots and kills his people, like during the Maidan in Kiev.

The red car with Molotov cocktails was the part of an opposition fake. What is called video documenting of facts, a blogger Anton Khadkevich called a performance of special services and state-run media.

"A few hours before the rally started, I swear, I saw there a crew of a TV channel. I saw them personally, since I was passing by."

And now he says the following.

Did you go near this place on March 25?

Anton Khadkevich, blogger:
No. Honestly, it was boring. So I decided to write the post. Well, yes, I added something on top to show my own importance.

Anton Khadkevich cooperates with the web portal TUT.by. Honest and real news... With this approach, he will definitely get a place there. However, no matter how different forces tried, they were not able to organize "Belarusian Spring". For the first time in the history of sovereign Belarus, a criminal case under article 278 - the creation of an illegal armed formation - was initiated.

The persons involved are ordinary people from the underground White Legion.