Cyprus company buys old property by Minsk Sea


Cyprus company buys old property by Minsk Sea

The Minsk Sea, which is also known as Zaslawskaye Reservoir, near Minsk, is to turn into a real resort in the coming years.

Some 20 abandoned properties by the Zaslawskaye Reservoir are even now getting a new lease of life, thanks to an investor from Cyprus.

Some of the objects are being renovated, while the other ones are only to be owned.

Victoria Svirskaya, reporter:
This picturesque site on the shore of the Minsk Sea looked neglected as early as in 2015, although there were many volunteers to own it for its excellent location.

The prospects of the site in Minsk Region are exciting now.

The first stage of the sport and fitness complex will be put into operation as soon as in 2017.

Alexander Plashchinsky, first vice-rector of the international university “MITSO”:
Only commissioning is to be done. There are already water and electricity supplies. The object is quite autonomous. We have our own substation here. The electricity is 10 kV. Here is our own boiler house.

The second stage is to be ready by 2020.

Victoria Svirskaya:
The restaurant ‘Zaslavye’ used to be very popular and it was not so simple to get there. The building is literally in the twilight years now, but it is to be reconstructed soon.

The former restaurant has been bought at an auction by an investor, a company from Cyprus.

Georgy Savitsky, private company director:
We had planned a hotel here initially, but the plan, which got presidential approval, is to convert it into a multifunctional complex now. It will serve mainly for health improvement. There is a swimming pool, a spa and a hotel. There is already a gas pipeline, one and a half kilometers long. So there is already certain infrastructure.

Vadim Nikolaenko, chief architect of Minsk Region:
Our task is not only to inspect, but also to encourage investors.

Some problems with projects, engineering, parking still arise.

I believe we will have accomplished within two-three years to come.

Victoria Svirskaya:
In addition to construction works some creative ideas are being put her into practice here.

The interior has been designed. The landscape is now being designed. This object of rural ecotourism is to be completed by September 2017.