Belarus to liberate business climate: draft decrees submitted for public discussion

Belarus to liberate business climate: draft decrees submitted for public discussion

Simplify doing business conditions and improve control in Belarus are the goals of the country in the nearest future. A package of relevant documents has been submitted for public discussion. This is the initiative of the Belarus President.

Sergei Novitsky, Deputy Chairman of the Council for Enterprise Development:
Nobody will interfere with work, with economic activity, and the businessman will do only its own business not thinking about other unimportant stuff, which is very important. He will not be distracted by all sorts of checks, permits, approvals, etc. This all will be greatly minimized.

The new bill has been submitted for public discussion at the initiative of President Alexander Lukashenko. The documents have already appeared on the National Legal Internet Portal, where everyone can leave proposals. The public discussion will last one month.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
In the near future, we will take a revolutionary solution for businesses. We generally liberated this business like at Rechitsadrev and also small businesses. You need to come, write an application, register at the tax body and start working. Firefighters, sanitation requirements and other stuff will be reduced. The main thing is the life of people. We will give all the rights to directors, but they will be responsible if something bad happens. We will not bother you, but you will have to bear responsibility.

Under the new legislation, businessmen in Belarus are getting green light in almost all spheres. First, business registration rules have been simplified. The owner only needs to notify authorities that he wants to open, for example, a cafe. The tax burden will decrease. Belarus will introduce a 2-year ban on new fees and increase in tax rates.

Valery Mitskevich, deputy head of the Presidential Administration:
The institution of tax consultants will appear. It is an intermediary between the tax authorities and businesses, who will be responsible for full payment of taxes, their correctness and will relieve a businessman from the need to delve into the intricacies of taxation.

Perhaps one of the most significant innovations is a moratorium on checks until 2018. Protocols punishing business owners financially will be cancelled.

Vladimir Koltovich, Minister of antitrust and trade of the Republic of Belarus:
Regarding small towns with a population of up to 20,000 people: we proposed a special tax regime: one base amount (about $10) for each facility. And we offer benefits: businessmen can use premises for other purposes than they are initially intended for, use the possibility of buying a property without an auction at market value. This will not only create jobs, but will also provide an opportunity for people to believe in themselves.

Fire and sanitation requirements will be minimal. Under the new legislation, supervisors cannot close an enterprise. They can only recommend.

Vladimir Vashchenko, Minister for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus:
We are ready, on a contractual basis, to organize the training of specialists at any enterprise, organization, including businesses. I mean specialists who deal with fire safety.

All changes are collected in an ordinance of the President and a few decrees. According to experts, the innovations should bring economic and, more importantly, social effect in the foreseeable future.