President Lukashenko: Belarus is liberalizing business climate for economic growth

President Lukashenko: Belarus is liberalizing business climate for economic growth

After visiting JSC Rechitsadrev, Alexander Lukashenko traditionally talked to the employees of the plant. The future of Belarus and the development of small towns, salaries, personnel policy and public security were discussed.

People also asked about visa cancellation, not only from Belarus’ side but about reciprocal steps from other countries.

JSC Rechitsadrev consists of a couple of big plants from plywood to furniture factory. For this reasons workers from different departments decided to ask the President questions. However, it turned out that they were all interested in almost the same subjects.

Alexander Lukashenko did not avoid topical issues. President Lukashenko specified issues of the woodworking industry: the modernization of the sector has delayed. It was planned to carry it out quicker. Even if the modernization happens later, it will still extend the life of the industry for many decades.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We have carried out this modernization. It means that we are not in the home straight, but only final touches are left to be done. And today Vice Premier Vladimir Semashko (who was responsible for the modernization, he had enough on him as well) said one very interesting thing: if the decision to modernize woodworking industry wasn’t adopted back then, there wouldn’t be a single plant like this today. They would die. They would die in market conditions and nobody would buy these products. Thank God we realized it before it was too late.

Preceding from the fact that Belarus has raw materials, the decision to modernize was made.

Those who compete with Belarus realized that we would overhaul them. They don’t need it; they started criticizing, putting pressure and so on. Thank God we overcame that. Everything is seen in comparison, so it is up to you to make conclusions, you know what was before and what it is like now.

Belarus has enough professionals. If there are jobs where they can peacefully work, and such modernized plants are established for this reason, then there is little left to do.

Alexander Lukashenko:
You know my approaches. I like it when a director of any level employs professionals. However, at this stage professionals and great specialists don’t fall down from the sky. Every good specialist, there are not many of them, will watch how the plant will be developing. If your plant is going to develop well (it will, there is no other choice), such specialists will come to your plant. Not many of them are needed.

The director reported to me on the new furniture designs. He said that this plant has one person who can do this and can do that. It’s true, there aren’t many of them. They need to be preserved, they need to be paid a lot and they will pay off 100 times.

Nevertheless, at this stage directors need to be given a right to take risks.

To be defined by employees, by technologies and so on. And to control everything.

Will the government continue supporting small settlements, What about small businesses? Yes, Belarus has big plans for this, to give people wide possibilities to earn money. The principle is as following: the government gives a fishing rod, but the fisherman himself has to catch fish.

Alexander Lukashenko:
There are plants, small district centers, where there is a shortage of working places. All necessary conditions were created there.

Tax paradise - that's how we call it.

Go, open plants and work, involve these people. And step by step small and medium plants will be created. Today people themselves need to move. Today people need to move. In the nearest time a revolutionary decision concerning entrepreneurship and business will be made.

We will liberate this business, which is in Rechitsadrev, and small businesses.

You write an application that you want to do this business, register with the tax office and go to work. Fire safety authority, sanitation centers, everything will be cut back on to a minimum. The most important thing is the life of people. We will give all the rights to the director of JSC Rechitsadrev, but God save us all, the same situation will repeat like at the sugar mill and refinery plant (a blast happened, people died), go to the Golgotha then.

We won’t interfere, but it will be you who will be bearing the responsibility.

We will liberate the business initiative completely, go anywhere you like, set up sewing frames, machines, register, so that no one puts you into prison for not paying taxes. The taxes will be set at a level that is sufficient for supporting our healthcare system and education sector. Do it yourselves, let your children and family do it, and earn money. Conditions have been created for this. And what hasn’t been created will be in the nearest future.

Belarus established visa free regime for citizens of 80 countries. They can stay in Belarus up to five days. Employees of Rechitsadrev are interested whether Belarus can count on similar steps from these 80 countries.

Alexander Lukashenko:
As soon as they leave the airplane, they start paying. They bring it to Belarus.

I will be honest, I wouldn’t want you to leave Belarus and go somewhere else.

I want more people to come to Belarus, rather than us going abroad and spending money there. Belarus needs money today to bring the economy up.

It is better if you live here and bring up your children in Belarus as well.

It is a terrible scene when there is a need to go somewhere. Primarily, it is an alarm for me. That’s why Belarus is trying it best: IT, Space, nuclear power station, high technologies what for? You are young and it was done for you, you will live and work here. If there are problems, we’ll try to help.

President Lukashenko answered all the questions of the plant’s employees in 40 minutes.