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Anatol Yarmolenka about Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs

Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs is going on a large tour of Belarus. The residents and guests of Gomel will appreciate hits in modern arrangements on May 18, 2017. Both masters of bandstand and young artists will perform your favorite songs. There will be the following Belarusian celebrities: Anatoly Yarmolenko, Yadviga Poplavskaya, Teo, Alexei Khlestov, “Pesniary”, and “Belarusy”.

Anatoly Yarmolenko, People's Artist of Belarus, artistic director of the ensemble "Siabry":
We have to know and love our culture. We can admire any music and relax to it. But we have to love songs that are written by our composers, because they are tender, sincere, and Belarusian in their nature. It will be my pleasure to see all of you at these concerts that will take place in your city. If you see the poster “Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs”, I invite you, it will be interesting.

The first concert of the big project will be on April 18 in Salihorsk. By the way, the tickets were already sold out a week before the music show.

Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs