Air medical service to be established in Belarus

Air medical service to be established in Belarus

Time is a valuable and important, and at times an irreplaceable resource. Especially when it concerns the life of a person. So many people could have been saved during World War I, but help simply didn’t come to them. The problem was solved by establishing air medical service. Different types of planes and helicopters were designed, medical aid brigades were formed.

The tasks were clear but at the same time they were difficult: emergency aid had to be rendered in bad transport conditions and patients had to be taken to hospital as quickly as possible.

Air medical service was established in Minsk in 1935. There were only two airplanes in the brigade which could transport no more than one patient. However, thanks to the brigade a couple of thousands of patients weren’t left without help in emergency situation.

Many injured people during the Second World War were saved thanks to the uncomfortable cradles under the wings of biplanes. There was no choice, every second counted.

During peace time air medical service was used for fighting against epidemic infections The best of the specialists risked their own lives and flew to the outbreak zones.

As for the last couple of decades, medical flights in Belarus were not carried out.

However, the speedy rhythm of life, health concerns dictate the necessity of air medical service. For instance, it will take no more than seven minutes to get to hospital from any point of Minsk ring road. It massively saves time.

By reestablishing air medical aid there will be more stories about lived up expectations and saved patients.