Minsk's third metro line to be fully automated


Minsk's third metro line to be fully automated

The Minsk metro will increase by 14 stations and two transfer points. The third line, when fully completed, will run from Zialiony Luh in north-east to Kurasouščyna in the south-west. 

However, it will not happen in the coming years. Only 3 subway stations have got their concrete shape.

Some stations' lobbies will be located on the ground rather than underground as all other Minsk subway stations. Among the new features of the third line will be protective screens and automated systems.

Valery Chekanov, director of MinskMetroProyekt company, says that the third line will be fully automated. The stations will have 1.6-meter protective barriers, which doors will open only with the trains' doors. Drivers will still be present in cabs but this will be only for psychological effect: some passengers will still be afraid of riding in fully automatic trains.

There will be three transfer points between the tree subway lines, right in the city center. One of them, Plošča Lienina/Vakzalnaja, will have a travolator for quick transfer between stations.