Alexander Lukashenko: We will liberate business initiative completely

Alexander Lukashenko: We will liberate business initiative completely

Drastic decisions concerning business liberation are expected in Belarus. A set of important statements was made by Belarus President during his working visit to Gomel region, where he talked to the employees of JSC “Rechitsadrev”.

At the plant Alexander Lukashenko got acquainted with the modernization process. Essentially, a unique production was established in the district center, new working places were created. As Alexander Lukashenko emphasized, everyone in Belarus will be given the opportunity to earn money from this time onwards.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Today people need to move. In the nearest time a revolutionary decision concerning entrepreneurship and business will be made. We will liberate this business, which is in Rechitsdrev, and small businesses. You write an application that you want to do this business, register with the tax office and go to work. Fire safety authority, sanitation centers, everything will be cut back on to a minimum. The most important thing is the life of people. We will give all the rights to the director of JSC “Rechitsadrev”, but God save us all, the same situation will repeat like at the sugar mill and refinery plant (a blast happened, people died), go to the Golgotha then. We won’t interfere, but it will be you who will be bearing the responsibility. When I put forward such conditions, some businessmen came and refused for the conditions to be improved for them. They say, “If such requirements are imposed to us, then you better check us then.” I say, “Who will be responsible for the people? Is it the President’s responsibility in the end”? However, the decision has already been made. In the nearest time the document will be on the President’s desk. We will liberate the business initiative completely, go anywhere you like, to garages, houses, and set up sewing frames, machines, register, so that no one puts you into prison for not paying tax. The taxes will be as following; because the government demands safety and healthcare system and education sector need to be supported. Do it yourselves, let your children and family do it, and earn money. Conditions have been created for this. And what hasn’t been created will be in the nearest future.

The employees of the plant were interested in many issues, including the perspectives of small towns’ development, international atmosphere, nuances of employment assistance and pricing determination.

Alexander Lukashenko also touched upon the salary increase. A minimum of BYN 1,000, which the government must help people to earn. However, the final sum depends on the person himself.

Alexander Lukashenko spoke about work and how to get results out of it during his visit to state farm “Istok” in Rechitsa district. Agrarians don’t have any problems. The sector is fully supplied with fuel and nitrogen fertilizers. Furthermore, Alexander Lukashenko called to discipline and saving.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Bring it to everyone: savings must be extreme. We see that some steal poured fuel from tanks and sell it on the roads. If we find it, the governor will be held accountable and everyone down the vertical. Put everything in order, be disciplined and you will save 25% of the fuel. It's time to stop going to the President for fuel. Buy it yourself.

President Lukashenko emphasized that it is very important for the agricultural sector to have discipline in everything. And the culture of cultivating land must be paid special attention to.