Minsk Region products presented in Moscow

Minsk Region products presented in Moscow

One of the recent sanctions campaigns of the government Russian product lobby has been a ban on Minsk Region meat products.

The region demonstrated Moscow its potential after the meeting of Belarus and Russia Presidents. All the products presented in Moscow are to everyone’s taste.

They say every man to his taste. However, when it goes about the taste of Belarusian products on Russian soil, this set expression is going out of fashion.

Valery Koreshkov, a member (minister) of the Technical Regulation Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission:
There is no need to say much either about corresponding to some standards or product testing. The best test is when consumers can see with what and whom they deal.

The complex presentation of Minsk Region products in Moscow is actually the first informal meeting of the Russian consumer with the Belarusian producer following a chain of disagreements.

Igor Makar, first deputy chairman of the Minsk Region Executive Committee:
There are no double standards. They are uniform for everyone. All the questions on quality Russia occasionally puts are answered in the regular course of business.

Ivan Bambiza, deputy of state secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus:
We face some problems from time to time, but it is the essence of the Union State to notice the weak points in Belarus-Russia relations and to handle strain.

Belarus and Russia are negotiating about oil and gas now. In addition, they are to begin negotiation on the industrial complex in order to ensure its stability in both Russia and Belarus.

So we are seeking new ways to support each other.

The enterprises in Russia and Belarus are interdependent and our understanding of this will lead us to an agreement about our closer cooperation also in industry.

Elena Ponomareva, a politologist, political essays writer (Russia):
It is impossible to survive alone. Even such geopolitical giants as China cannot solve all the problems of global politics.

Moreover, Belarus and Russia have always had close relations historically. That is why the future of our countries is impossible without unity and close cooperation.

It is evident that whatever disagreement arises, the consumer is price-conscious making a choice as well as keeping a balance between price and quality.

Elena Ponomareva:
People need quality product. Belarusian product is of high quality and rather cheap, which is true for both food industry and other commodities.

A wide range of Belarusian products in Russian stores depends much on the political climate prevailing at the time.

Alena Syrova, reporter:
The most important thing is that Minsk and Moscow have always reached a compromise in spite of all the disagreements, as friendly relations have always been of the greatest value.