President praises agricultural practices of Gomel region

President praises agricultural practices of Gomel region

The agricultural practices of the Gomel region should become an example for the whole country, said the President of Belarus on April 11. Alexander Lukashenko's working trip to the region began on the fields of the Istok farm in the Rechitsa district.

In the Gomel region, half of the areas have been tilled. Corn sowing has started. The unprecedented early terms are due to the weather. Belarus does not have problems with fuel and nitrogen fertilizers. At the same time, the head of state urged the agrarians to discipline and asked to save resources.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Bring it to everyone: savings must be extreme. We see that some steal, poured fuel from tanks and sell it on the roads. If we find it, the governor will be held accountable and everyone down the vertical. Put everything in order, be disciplined and you will save 25% of the fuel. It's time to stop going to the President for fuel. Buy it yourself.

During the visit to the farm the President reminded about his demand for an average salary in the country of BYN 1,000. For this it is necessary to think about the production efficiency. In agriculture, it is also important that everything is in order. The agricultural practices need to be given special attention.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I ask you, there's no one else to rely on. The Gomel region should show the good practices of agriculture this year. I flew in the north of the region: some farms are very well-kept. It means you know how to do it. There is a shed, everything else is perfectly processed and something is already sown. We must do this everywhere. We will add hundreds of thousands of hectares to crop rotation throughout the country.

On April 11, Alexander Lukashenko will also get acquainted with the modernization carried out at the Rechitsadrev enterprise. A unique production facility was opened here, as a result of which new jobs were created for the residents of the district center.