Product with logo NORGE inspires confidence. Why Belarusians and Norwegians like herring Matias?

Product with logo NORGE inspires confidence. Why Belarusians and Norwegians like herring Matias?

Today a lot of attention is paid to Belarus-Russia relations. The reason for it is the meeting of Belarusian and Russian presidents in St. Petersburg and the interview with Alexander Lukashenko. There was a phrase in this interview that the Europeans came to Belarus, saw the Belarusian products and admired the quality.

Many brands have been known in the world for a long time. We can find Belarusian herring (which is not from Zaslawskaye Reservoir, but from the Norwegian coast) even in shops in Australia and New Zealand!

Yana Shipko, reporter:
Norway is the country of centuries-old fishery. Now we are in one of the most northern cities of the world Tromso. This city is the gateway to the Arctic, and even a real paradise for fishermen.

Norwegian raw materials are recognized as first class in the whole world. Norway exports fish to all continents. The taste of the local herring is familiar more than two thousand kilometers from Tromso – in Belarus, under the brand Matias.

Axel Eikemo, head of the Norwegian fishery department:
Norwegian herring is one of the most important commercial kind of fish for our fishing fleet. Fishing is according to quotas and it is strictly monitored. Today we have a good stock of fish and expect that it will increase next year.

As the local saying goes, Norwegians eat herring 21 times a week. The presence of fish in the diet is not a tribute to tradition, but a conscious choice in favor of a healthy diet for local residents.

Elizabeth Dahl, specialist of Norway's National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES):
If you eat 300-450 grams of fish for dinner two-three times a week, it will be enough to provide the body with the necessary elements for health. Herring is especially rich in vitamin D. In addition, we recommend herring as a source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. It is enough to supplement the daily norm of these elements necessary for man. Herring in the diet is especially useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The fish market in Bergen is one of the best places that surprises with the variety of seafood from Norwegian waters and the abundance of fresh fish.

Titomir Ivanov, the seller of the fish market in Bergen:
There is seafood which can be found only here, for example, fresh and smoked herring. Local residents buy a lot; there are also many customers from Russia. This place is very popular. Customers from all over the world come here every day.

I come here with pleasure, because I can buy absolutely fresh seafood here. I eat fish three-four times a week; I try to eat different varieties. I prefer local fish most of all, because it does not contain harmful substances, this fact is very important.

The value of herring is largely determined by the place of fishing. There is no industrial enterprise except for the fish factory in Tromso.

The Santa Bremor company has come a long way of selecting suppliers. The Belarusian producer buys raw materials from the leading enterprises, which guarantee the highest quality. The Santa Bremor company buys herring in the south-west of Norway in the Bergen region in summer and in the north, in the Tromso district in winter.

The most important indicator used for the quality assessment is freshness of the fish, which is why the company gives priority to the factories which are as close as possible to fishing spots.

Norway has been supplying fish to other countries for hundreds of years. The modern fishery culture is developing from centuries-old traditions. Earlier people went into the sea on small boats. But now the Norwegian fleet, which is modernized and equipped with huge nets and seines, copes with enormous volumes of processing. The most modern technologies dominate on fishing boats. There are also thermal imagers and satellite navigation, and other equipment. So, it is easy to find large flocks with the help of the echolocator.

Today modern seines allow delivering carefully delicate and fatty fish from the sea. Even the temperature in shops is maintained, as in the ocean, to preserve the maximum freshness of fish.

Tone, quality specialist of the fish processing factory Nergard Sild AS:
Norwegian herring is considered to be the best because of its freshness and purity, and the temperature of the cold water in which it lives. It is very important to ensure the correct temperature during processing. The temperature is not more than four degrees in shops. We constantly monitor the quality and control the fat content of fish at all stages of production with the help of special systems.

The raw materials are tested twice before going to Belarus: first Norwegian specialists and then Santa Bremor technologists in factories in Norway check each batch of fish for conformity with quality standards. The freshness, the structure of the fillets, the color, the smell, the fat content and the size of the fish are evaluated during this control. The Atlantic herring is the largest and fattiest.

Irina Tarasyuk, leading engineer-technologist of Santa Bremor:
First of all, we pay attention to the appearance of herring. The surface should be shiny, clean, and intact. The most important thing is that the meat is dense, elastic, and fleshy. The herring is cut in Norway, and it comes in the form of frozen fillets to production facilities in Belarus.

Tone, Nergard Sild AS:
Santa Bremor technologists know their work very well; they control various processes, do tests, and check the freshness and fat content of the fish. It is very easy for me to find a common language with them, we are glad to cooperate.

Further fresh raw materials are sent to the packaging and to the warehouse and only then to Belarus.

About 100 tons of products are processed per day. All equipment is unique. It is developed by leading European manufacturers. The largest herring is selected for the fillet Matias.

Matias gets its delicious taste thanks to the original recipe developed by technologists of the company.

Herring goes to different parts of the world: from the USA to New Zealand. Santa Bremor products are appreciated more than in 30 countries on four continents.

Yana Shipko:
This logo decorates Santa Bremor products. The "NORGE" sign is a prestigious Norwegian quality sign. Herring Matias is the first Belarusian brand to which the Norwegian Fish Committee has appropriated this sign.

This is the result of long-term cooperation and commitment to Norwegian approaches. Santa Bremor provides a reliable and affordable monitoring system for tracking Norwegian raw materials at all stages of production.

Jan Eirik Johnsen, marketing manager of the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC):
When you buy a product with the logo "NORGE", you can be sure of the highest quality. It is not just a fish for us – it's a way of life. We have absolutely transparent policy and a serious control system of quality. Users around the world can see the open data of our research. Santa Bremor pays much attention to the quality of raw materials, which is why we want to work with this company and continue our cooperation. We have chosen a high-quality product Matias to place the logo "NORGE" on it and thus to inform Belarusian consumers that this is the best fish they can get from Norway.