Tourists protection fund to be established in Belarus


Tourists protection fund to be established in Belarus

According to the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, there will be created a special aid fund for Belarusians who prefer spending their holidays abroad. The main purpose of this fund is to protect the rights of those who faced a force majeure during vacations.

Many people often pay for their journey without any insurance, and it’s hard to get this money back. That’s why this issue is pressing.

It will become some kind of safety bag for those who are going to go on holiday or have already boarded a plane.

Vitaly Gritsevich, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism, Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
There can be different situations, and it’s impossible to foresee everything. We will try to work in all directionsMaxim Slizh, CTV:
You can’t go on tour without banknotes, which is the main goal for swindlers. A director of a travel agency in Vitebsk was imposed sentence on deceiving people. She is facing 7 years of prison.

The fund will be non-budgetary: it will be formed by agencies themselves.

Vitaly Gritsevich:
There will be deductions from each deal of tour operators. The fund will be created as a noncommercial organization, which means it will be non-budgetary.

A specially created organization will dispose of it.

Galina Gulyuta, vice chairwoman of Minsk City Consumer Protection Society:
If a person gets in such a situation, there will be a solution for this problem anyway.  The money will be back.

Tourists will be helped not only in changing a cancelled tour but also to get away from emergencies when needed,

be it political changes in a country where you spend your vacation or any private case.

Vitaly Gritsevich:
A situation can be connected with tour operators that send people abroad. It’s necessary to provide a possibility for tourists to come back home in case of cessation of their tour operator’s activity.

Situations really can vary from broken arm to an earthquake.
The purpose of the fund is to give a possibility for quick solution of problems.

Galina Gulyuta:
Anything can happen. It’s a great advantage for our tourists to feel themselves protected.