Belarus President's team wins national competition among ice hockey amateurs


Belarus President's team wins national competition among ice hockey amateurs

The team of the President of Belarus on April 9 won in the republican competition among ice hockey amateurs. The CTV channel also followed the events at Chizhovka Arena.

Participants of the amateur hockey tournament compete for the prizes of the Presidential Sports Club. The score in the match was opened by the team of the Minsk region, in the fifth minute thanks to Aleksandr Babak's effort.

The opponents were not going to give up and soon, at end of the first period, the President's team levelled the score.

Sergey Rogovsky, goaltender of the ice hockey team of the Minsk region:
They attack a lot, they shot more. We were only defending then and hoped for a counter-attack.

Aleksandr Zelenko, defenseman of Presidential ice hockey team:
One of the strongest teams is the one of the Minsk region. Therefore, they are very serious opponents. We also tried hard.

The stands supported athletes with vigor.

Remarkably, we really like it. We cheer for the President's team. This is a tense match, but let the best team win.

Vladimir Novitsky, sports commentator:
We see fighting on each section of ice, a lot of spectacular saves by goalies. In my opinion, these matches to the full extent correspond to what we call the finals.

The second period was a turning point, the President's team's lead became apparent - the final 15 minutes proved it. The match ended 9:4 in favor of the presidential team.

At the last minute, Pavel Belyi scored after a pass from Alexander Lukashenko. Thus the President's team won the cup for the fourth consecutive year.

The current tournament is tenth in history. Eight times, the presidential team won it. The Gomel and the Minsk region teams won the competition once each.