Belarusian sportsmen take part in Forest Week 2017 campaign

Belarusian sportsmen take part in Forest Week 2017 campaign

Olympic trees will give roots in Smolevichy district.

Eminent Belarusian sportsmen planted them by taking part in Forest Week 2017 campaign.

As many as 50 Belarusian athletes devoted a couple of hours of their time to labor, rather than their training. The result will be seen in a couple of decades. The trees were planted on a cleared territory after the 2016 hurricane, where the wind toppled over some hectares of 100-year-old trees.

Kamandar Madzhidov, Olympic Champion:
It is probably more difficult to fight rather than plant trees. What is Belarus famous for? For its forests. So it is necessary for the forests to take their previous appearance.

Mikhail Portnoy, Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is in the list of top ten countries of European forest states. Forests are the lungs of Europe, and Belarus plays a significant role in it.

In about 20 years’ time we will come here together with our grandchildren and show them how we reconstructed these man-made forests.

The Forest Week campaign is held for the tenth time in Belarus.

During the current campaign it is planned to create as many as 25,000 new forest stands.

Many of which will be where the 2016 record breaking summer hurricane left a wrecking trail.