Belarus gets six Russian-made Mi-8 helicopters


Belarus gets six Russian-made Mi-8 helicopters

To protect common air borders, the Belarusian army added six new MI-8 helicopters of Russian production to its arsenal. 

They landed at the Machulishchi airfield right before Air Defense Forces Day. The vehicles will increase the army's combat potential, reliability and flight safety. They can be used at any time of the day, at low altitudes and in difficult weather conditions. 

A Mi-8 is capable of providing high mobility of troops and take on board up to 35 paratroopers.

Alexander Karev, Deputy Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces - Chief of Aviation of the Republic of Belarus:
Despite the external similarity of this helicopter to a simple Mi-8, it's still a next-generation helicopter. Thanks to its equipment it allows the crew to navigate and fly both during day and night time.

The six Mi-8 helicopters completed the contract for the supply of 12 military vehicles to the Belarusian Defense Ministry. This modification has a modern complex of flight navigation and radio equipment. They are equipped with night vision devices and a system of parachute landing.

The helicopters can be used to carry out not only combat but also transport missions.