President holding meeting on prospects of Belarusian Science

President holding meeting on prospects of Belarusian Science

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is holding a meeting with Belarusian scientists on April 7. It is expected that the President will demand making important decisions in this sphere.

Before the meeting, the head of state visited an exhibition of the latest developments of Belarusian scientists. Alexander Lukashenko praised the works, but noted that the industry's problems do remain and need to be addressed.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I really want us to once again meet and take the decisions we need today, very important decisions for science to move forward and develop.

I demand that you should not keep silent about problems. We must speak openly about the shortcomings which exist today.

I know there are some cases when the real sector does not want to buy and use your developments. We studied many of the problems and attitudes of scientists. We studied in every detail the academicians, corresponding members and youth that remain at the Academy of Sciences. We saw serious problems about which Mr Gusakov did not say and about which the government didn't know. We do not need a formal approach to the solution of various issues.

Therefore, I warn all those who are going to speak today to speak in a short but meaningful way. Please note only those points that need my attention, on which I can make a decision.

I think we're all interested in it and you are first of all. That's why I said it.

On April 7, the President was shown a supercomputer, a layout of a maneuverable utility service vehicle a uniform system of e-control and other achievements of Belarusian science.

In 2016, 189 developments were put into use at enterprises and organizations in Belarus. They are used by companies in various fields: from medicine and agriculture to the enterprises of the energy sector.