New evidence: Slavs existed in 4th century AD

New evidence: Slavs existed in 4th century AD

Present-day Belarus had Slavic settlements two centuries before the date mentioned in modern textbooks.
Belarusian researchers concluded this from the unique archaeological excavations.

Vyacheslav Danilovich, head of the NASB’s Institute of History:
This is a sensation of the year 2016, as these are the earliest known Slavic artefacts.

They date back to the 4th century AD. Our scientists used to consider that Slavs came to present-day Belarus in the 6th century AD.

These authentic artefacts are of interest to the Slavic culture of Polesye. The matter is that there were no stones there, so they used clay to make these objects.

The Belarusian scientists demonstrated their innovations, which range from a cure for cancer to a cleaning robot. There is even a soil purifier, which is effective against oil contamination and is able to turn wastes into fertilizers.

The innovations will not ‘gather dust’ in the Academy of Sciences. A lot of them have already been put into use both in Belarus and overseas.