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Unique documents of Slutsk Holy Trinity Monastery presented in Minsk

Temporary exposition of eternal values. Visitors of the National Historical Museum have an opportunity to see the originals from the archives of the Slutsk Holy Trinity Monastery. These documents reflect many aspects of Belarusian ancestors’ life.

The Slutsk Holy Trinity Monastery was one of the first in Belarus. The first mention of it dates back to the middle of the 15th century and the oldest surviving document is 500 years old.

Natalia Martynova, the leading researcher of the Science and Stock Department of the Belarusian National Historical Museum:
Thanks to these documents, we can imagine the life of Belarusian society for three centuries (16th, 17th, 18th).

The documents reflect both political and religious aspects of Belarusian ancestors’ life. The day-to-day stuff (wills, lawsuits, transactions) of the Slutsk Principality inhabitants are particularly interesting.

This legal document is almost 400 years old. It says that petty bourgeoises of the Petrikov town made an exchange of yards in the market place. The most interesting thing is that the signatures and seals of the four witnesses are well preserved here.

The organizers of the exhibition also pay attention to those who began to collect and preserve priceless archives many years ago.

Natalia Martynova:
Also, there are materials connected with Andrey Konstantinovich Snitko, who was the director of the first Minsk museum. For example, you can see his personal seal near his portrait.

Unique documents of the Slutsk Holy Trinity Monastery