Belarus President gives interview to TV and radio company Mir

Belarus President gives interview to TV and radio company Mir

The functioning of the Belarus-Russia Union State, CSTO, CIS reforms and methods of combating terrorism were the major topics touched on by Aleksandr Lukashenko in an interview to the interstate TV and radio company Mir.

During the open and frank conversation, the President shared his vision of the further development of integration associations. Alexander Lukashenko in detail told Mir about the state and prospects of the Belarusian-Russian relations. First of all, he spoke on the trade and economic cooperation.

He shared details of the recent talks with Vladimir Putin as well as his view on the tragedy that happened in St. Petersburg. At this point, as Alexander Lukashenko noted, all the bilateral problems between Belarus and Russia immediately seemed so small. The main task of any state is to minimize the number of such terrorist acts.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You know that there were many contradictions and problems in relations between Belarus and Russia on certain issues. It bothered me and President Putin. All this was unpleasant, especially between the two countries. And we prepared for this meeting. But just as we were going to meet, there was news about that terrorist act. All these problems, which we were preparing to discuss, suddenly seemed so small. We understood the true value in this life. What is oil, gas and so on, when suddenly, under your nose, a terrorist act takes place and people die? People whom we need to protect. Security and defense issues were scheduled as the main ones in the negotiations with Putin. They came to the fore. Everything else, everyday issues, seemed so small and we devoted less time to the discussion of those matters. We primarily paid attention to this. It was a lesson to us at the moment, and it should serve as a lesson to everyone.

The journalist spoke with the Belarusian president five years ago but this interview is of a bigger format. The TV company Mir broadcasts around the clock in four time zones in 13 countries. The potential audience is more than 130 million people.