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Belarusian scientists develop insecticide against Colorado beetles and other pests

According to statistics, Belarus leads in terms of potato consumption per capita.This root crop is cooked, fried, baked… But if you want to reap a good harvest, you have to fight the main enemy – the Colorado beetle.

Summer residents fight against striped pests in different ways: spray plants with pheromones, extracts from onions and garlic or poisonous chemicals. Unfortunately, the result is not always positive.

Belarusian scientists are sure that this problem can be solved. They have managed to increase the effectiveness of the means against the Colorado beetle by almost 10 times. The Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry has synthesized several useful substances and amplifiers of pest control insecticides, which are based on the basic chemical compound.

These synthesized additives will improve the effectiveness of biologically active substances. Now the main task is to introduce the development in production.

As for the molecular structure, there are no analogues of such compounds in the world. Therefore, amplifiers of pest control insecticides can be used in agriculture not only in Belarus, but also in other countries. The development has already been highly appreciated by experts and noted at the national competition of innovative projects.

Let’s hope this discovery will soon help all the summer residents in Belarus and abroad to get rid of the pesky pest forever.

the Colorado beetle