Vice-mayor of Vienna aiming to visit former death camp in Trostenets

Vice-mayor of Vienna aiming to visit former death camp in Trostenets

Minsk and Vienna agreed to maintain their cooperation.

The bilateral trade is about $70 million. Minsk exports metal products, fertilizers, furniture, wooden goods, fruits and vegetables.

Austria is one of the major investors in the economy of Belarus.

They invest in the modernization of enterprises in such branches as energetics, transport, infrastructure, construction, environmental protection. Vienna and Minsk are to sign a bilateral agreement on cooperation in the industrial and social spheres as well as in tourism as early as in 2017.

Alexander Krepak, the vice-chairman of the Minsk Executive Committee:
The Austrian embassy was established in Belarus just a year ago. Although there is a long history of the relations. Our enterprises have been cooperating for a long time. There are 45 enterprises with Austrian capital in the country.

Johann Gudenus, the vice-mayor of Vienna (Austria):
The main purpose of our visit is the Trostenets memorial. Trostenets is the site where a lot of Jewish were killed during WWII.

As many as 10,000 of those killed in Trostenets come from Vienna.

We are to pay tribute to the victims as well as their families. Our task is to encourage businessmen from Austria to come to Belarus in order to improve business relations between the countries at the economic, cultural and social levels. Another task is to invite the heads of Minsk administration to Vienna as well as businessmen from Belarus to Austria.

Moreover, Minsk and Vienna are to expand their cooperation in the field of the humanities. Minsk gymnasium number 7 named after Billroth has launched some joint educational projects.

The diplomatic relations between the two countries have been maintained for longer than a quarter of a century.

The Austrian delegation's visit to Belarus will last one more day.

Our partners from Austria are to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office and to taste Belarusian national cuisine.