Dairy breeding modernization makes profession of milkmaid more attractive

Dairy breeding modernization makes profession of milkmaid more attractive

Brest region held a competition of pipe-line milking operators. This region is today’s leader in annual average milk yield.

Nadezhda Minchuk,from Ivatsevichy, learned how to milk a cow when she was only eight. People could only dream of the automatization of this process. Then she brought up five children and was warder the Order of Mother.

However, she always wanted to return back to her home.

Besides her favorite job, she is bringing up seven grandchildren and she even writes poems.

Nadezhda Pinchuk, of pipe-line milking operator:
I always go to the farm in a good mood, because cows can feel it. If I am not like that, the certainly understand me.

Sergei Turovich ended up in this profession accidently. He used to be an ordinary security guard at a farm near Baranovichi. But one day he had to replace one of the milkmaids, who fell ill.

Sergei Turovich, pipe-line milking operator:
I took the devices into my hands and started to work. It was a success. I talked to my wife and mu mum and decided to try myself in this job.

I have been working as a pipe-line milking operator ever since.

All in all the former security guard milks 6.5 tonnes of milk every year. However, the skills of milking at the competition need to be proved in theory and practice.

To put together a teatcup, a collector and attach a vacuum pipe to it is only half of the process. It is a pretty hard job, because every participant is given only six minutes for each of the 12 stages of the competition. The massive modernization of dairy breeding made the profession of a milkmaid attractive, even for the younger generation. The youngest participant of the competition is a proof to this.

Daria Kulai, pipe-line milking operator:
First of all I thought that I won’t cope. Then I got used to it. A good salary and a good job. You always work in clean conditions.

Before such competitions were held annually.

By introducing new technologies, further competitions promise to be even more interesting

and most importantly useful for the participants.