2.5m hectares for 2017 sowing season

2.5m hectares for 2017 sowing season

Belarusian scientists developed about 70 new kinds of fertilizers. They can be used for all the crops which are cultivated in Belarus.

Fertilization increases the crop-producing power of land. By the way, in the last eight years it increased and made the harvest more resistant to weather changes.

All the measures are directed at colleting the maximum amount of harvest from one hectare of land.

Dmitry Luzhinsky, Deputy Director General for Scientific Work of the Research and Practical Centre for Arable Farming, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus:
Last year we approached the limit, when we practically refused to buy flour for the purposes of baking bread. The Republic of Belarus reached the point that there is no need to buy flour from abroad. The production of wheat overlaps the needs of the Republic of Belarus in bread-grain.

As many as 2.5m hectares of land will be used for the 2017 sowing season. It is planned to harvest about 9m tonnes of grains.