How efficient is video surveillance system in Belarus?

How efficient is video surveillance system in Belarus?

Video surveillance is becoming a key instrument of law enforcement. In Britain, the task of learning to see all cars on track on a real-time basis is set. It means up to 35 million license plates per day. China’s state video surveillance program is called Skynet. The government is planning to observe the “key public facilities” all over the country by 2020. In Munich, Germany, the amount of criminal cases was halved due to introduction of video monitoring at the main railway station.

Alexander Kupchenya, head of prevention and law enforcement department of Minsk City Executive Committee:
During two months of 2017, more than 60 criminal cases were solved in Minsk thanks to video surveillance systems.

Vladimir Satyuk, deputy chief of Internal Affairs Directorate of Grodno regional executive committee:
777 public facilities are equipped with video surveillance systems, containing from one to dozens of cameras.

Monitoring is a principle of observation. You are seen and even remembered when it’s necessary.

Even if there are still no cameras in a particular place, it’s not difficult to hunt down a malefactor. Neighboring buildings, public transport, shops – cameras don’t miss a thing.
On this video, a man says that he has an explosive device and takes money from Bureau of exchange. He didn’t go far.

Alexander Kupchenya:
Thanks to a video surveillance system he was observed from Yakuba Kolosa Street to Gvardeyskaya Street. And he was even seen going to a shop and buying products and cigarettes.With the help of other technical means his personality was subsequently identified and the crime was solved.

Anatoly Manyuk, chairman of the Minsk city organization of veterans of internal affairs:
Fingerprints are getting out of date, and other factors allow establishing identity. That’s why we should get used to the fact that scientific and technical means don’t just enter our life
at accelerated pace, they almost rush into it.

Evgeny Dudko, official representative of the Internal Affairs Directorate of Grodno regional executive committee:
When we have a video showing a crime or offense, then we share this information on our site and all  circumstances are getting clarified as soon as possible.

To solve a crime in hot pursuit or even to prevent it – that’s how the system works.

Igor Shunevich, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
It will really help to increase public security capabilities, including struggle against crime, against different negative natural phenomena. For example, living quarters, private business or partnership of owners will have an opportunity to equip their premises with cameras and to connect to this system for the purpose of protection, providing safe conditions of life and work.

Anatoly Manyuk:
From my point of view, public order may even improve if people know that everybody can see them. Maybe, there should be less littering and it’s better to drop stubs of cigarettes where they’re supposed to be dropped. I’m not even talking about other obscene actions.

In 2017, it is planned to install monitor systems in 4,000 facilities all over the country.