Belarus’ parliament opens spring session 2017


Belarus’ parliament opens spring session 2017

Innovations in the health service, a complex of measures for competition development, and what is more, support of families with children and insurance of unemployment.

The new Belarus parliamentary spring session was opened on April 3, 2017.

As many as 30 law drafts are planned to be considered during the spring session.

Elena Pavlova, emergency paramedic, Grodno:


Belarus’ parliament opens spring session 2017 

Elena is not new in medicine. The number of her brigade is 911. It in a way makes us think that all it her brigade which gets the most complicated emergency calls. Fires, emergency situations, falling down from heights. As many as 15 emergency calls per day. And some improvement of efficiency would do here.

Elena Pavlova:
Ambulance assumes emergency aid. It is when the time for saving a patient’s life is estimated in minutes.

Know-how devices ( tablets, for instance) are the future of Belarusian medicine.

Everything must be changed by 2022. The advantages of such technologies are vital. Efficiency, and most importantly, individual approach. By the way, electronic health service is experienced in the world. This new system in Belarus is provided by the project of health service modernization. Today delegates have voted in favor of the project. It means that they voted for electronic database of pharmacies and medical cards of patients.

Belarus’ parliament opens spring session 2017

Valery Malashko, Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus:
A doctor must come with a tablet and knowing the patient's name he needs to just access to database to see all the patient's illnesses and history. Accordingly, he can access the database of drugs.

Monday of April 3, 2017 was certainly a fruitful day. As many as 30 documents out of 49 were included into the agenda. Most of the documents are aimed at improving business climate; the social block is rather extended as well.

There was a considerable amount of questions concerning the amount of maternity-leave provision (children under the age of three).

Belarus’ parliament opens spring session 2017

The decision will be made fairly soon. What is more, the pension and salary increase question, the insurance of unemployment will be looked into. Delegate Vitaly Shilov said that in a way it’s a safety bag during job hunting.

However, only a person who is registered at employment services will have this airbag.

Vitaly Shilov, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Commission of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Belarus on Labour and Social Affairs:
On the one hand it will let them receive support from the government, and they will of course pay the money back from the salaries. On the other hand it is an additional motivation for the citizens to not pay taxes and not show their whole salary. It is one of the ways to fight against envelope salaries.

As many as 14 law drafts will be looked into at the first reading, four in the second, and nine are a part of the international block, and two Presidential decrees as well. There will be many innovations. The security food products, food water supply, consumer rights protection, the quality of social services.

The emphasis will be made on the liberalization of conducting business.

For instance, the new version of the competition development law provides antimonopoly requirements for product purchase, there are preventive norms as well.

Belarus’ parliament opens spring session 2017

Olga Politiko, delegate of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Strong, effective antimonopoly regulations is what the investors are looking at, when making the decision of investing into a certain country’s economy.

As for the know-how, the patent duration will be prolonged.

Tatiana Yakubovich, Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Commission of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Belarus on Education, Culture and Science:
The patent duration has been prolonged from eight to ten years. Suggestions were made to not patent methods of medical aid. It is treatment, prosthetics, and stomatology and so on.

The senators took up the law making baton. Thy say that there’ll be innovations this spring. What is more, the National Assembly Council of the Republic of Belarus initiates a series of amendments to the law “About copyright and the related rights”.

This is where the rights of publishers will be protected in the first place.

Irina Starovoitova, Chairperson of the Standing Commission of the National Assembly Council of the Republic of Belarus on Education, Science, Culture and Social Development:
One of these norms is the norm of free licenses. It gives the author a right to delegate his authority within the framework of exclusive right on product to an unlimited range of persons.

By the way, an extended international block is getting ready for the 26th Annual Session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. It will be held in Minsk on 5-July, 2017.