Belarus, Russia presidents say energy issues resolved


Belarus, Russia presidents say energy issues resolved

Belarus and Russia have resolved all the issues in the oil and gas sector. This was announced after talks of Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin. The heads of state earlier held one on one talks and were then joined by their delegations.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation:
We agreed that we would resolve all our disputes in the oil and gas sector. Actually, it's better not to say 'agreed', because we've already resolved them.

We agreed on how and when we will do it. We will do so within the next 10 days.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We really solved together with Mr Putin the problems and issues of the oil and gas complex. I will not repeat that. We agreed that the agrarian problem as well as the question of industrial policy will be included in our agenda of the Supreme State Council. And we will soon agree on the terms and make a decision on these and other issues already at the session of the Supreme State Council.

To be absolutely frank, I should say that we devoted a decent amount of time to the problems of the international agenda, in particular the issues that concern us, our neighbors, the European Union policy. We exchanged views on relations with the United States, how to build this relationship.

Of course, I asked Mr Putin not to forget about Belarus when building relationships with the big powers.

He will attend a meeting of G20. I received this support and assurances of support of Belarus at all forums, as he did before.

We talked a lot about safety, and not only in connection with the accident. We did plan to discuss these matters anyway. We did not begin the talks with the oil and gas issues. We really focused mainly on the long-planned issue of the security of our states. I will not specify anything here. You see what's going on around. We just want to maintain stability in Russia and Belarus. Too few quiet calm points are left on this planet. And we agreed to work together to preserve security in our countries.

Mr Putin, I thank you for meeting our requests to refinance this year the debts we have with the Russian Federation.

The president promised that today or tomorrow he would give appropriate instructions in this regard. Once again I want to emphasize that to date we don't have outstanding issues. Moreover, we were able to look at the future functioning of our economies. We decided on these questions and I think within 10 days, as the president said, our governments will formalize it all and economies will enter a normal rhythm of work. Once again, thank you, Mr Putin and my condolences again. But we have to stick together. And peoples should see it, which we are today demonstrated. I thank you.

The meeting of Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin began with the words of condolence in connection with the explosion in the subway in St. Petersburg. The Belarusian President addressed his Russian counterpart and residents and regretted that the talks were overshadowed by these tragic events.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You know my attitude to your native St. Petersburg, which I know and love too. It is a pity, of course, that it happened at this moment. I always pray that this does not happen to us. We in Minsk unfortunately encountered the same problems. I also want to express my condolences to the relatives of the victims, St. Petersburg residents, who are very sensitive to such things. In general, we all, Slavs, are sensitive to these acts.