Minsk to get cosmonaut alley

Minsk to get cosmonaut alley

The Alley of Cosmonauts will be laid in Minsk. The participants of the international congress of the Association of Space Explorers are to plant hundreds of trees in the Belarus capital.

Minsk will host the forum in autumn 2018. It will be attended by some 200 space explorers from about 34 countries. Besides Belarus, such countries as Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania and Finland have claimed the right to hold the event. Belarus can reap benefits of the forum making agreements with the leading international space agencies.

Aleksey Belotserkovsky, the head of the intelligent information systems department of the NASB’s United Institute of Informatics Problems:
I believe we can make a number of agreements with the European agencies of Poland and France. Belarusians should show what Belarus is. Some achievements are required.

If Belarus hosts the event of such a high level, we can easily reach the level of the space agencies of Europe.

The space congress in Minsk will be the 31st in history. It is the annual meeting of outstanding cosmonauts and astronauts, representatives of research institutions and national space agencies from various countries