Belarus parliamentary spring session 2017 begins


Belarus parliamentary spring session 2017 begins

A new law making session was started by Belarusian parliamentarians on April 3, 2017. The delegates are determined to consider three dozens of issues at the spring session. They are draft bills, which concern different sectors. Among which is the new version of the law on opposition to monopolistic activities. Amendments may be made to the documents which regulate enforcement of public order during sports events.

All in all, the new law making session promises to be fruitful.

Leonid Tsuprik, chairperson of the Standing Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus on State Building, Local Government, and Regulations:
As many as 30 questions and 30 draft bills. Some 14 out of them will be reviewed in its first ready, four draft laws in the second, and nine in the ratification and to will be reviewed upon the President’s decree. We continued working on the draft laws, which are considering the quality of services accomplishment.

What is more, the session of the National Assembly Council of the Republic of Belarus opens on April 3 as well. Besides the law making activities, senators will pay attention to how laws are implemented in the most important spheres for the people and the government. A peculiar monitoring will be carried out at the same time with the performance of new approaches towards the development of local self-government in Belarus.