Visa free regime term in Belarus may be increased


Visa free regime term in Belarus may be increased

A tourists’ rights protection fund is planned to be established in Belarus. It will help to form a plan of action in case of force majeure events, so that a person can immediately get compensation or chose another place for a holiday.

Another thing is that a possibility of increasing the visa free regime term is being worked out for tourists who are planning to visit Belarus. Therefore, more than 8,000 tourists visited Belarus since the introduction of the five-day visa free regime.

Alexander Shamko, Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
There are many spheres in tourism. Business, medical and historical tourism. There is sports tourism as well. More and more projects are starting to appear. I judge by analyzing sport itself and the sport composition. The number of sports competitions, of international ones, increased to 80 in the current year.

A simplified issue of free visas is provided for all the participants of international sports competitions. However, it is possible that all the guests of the European Games, which will be held in Belarus in 2019, will be given additional benefits.