International water festival “Neman spring” held in Belarus


International water festival “Neman spring” held in Belarus

Pirate shows and canoe racing. The official water season for tourists was opened on the Augustow Canal.

The international festival “Neman spring” launched the traditional start.

Sportsmen from Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine were the first ones to try out the water surface. The EU citizens to evaluate the visa free entrance to Grodno region. The Ostashanka River is famous for its extreme routes and attracts professionals and amateurs from different countries annually. Its rugged relief is due to the beavers, who have been building dams on the riverside.

Actually, a beaver is the symbol of this festival, a sculpture was presented there.

Nikolai Yasuk, festival participant:
We didn’t have a clue that the conditions for water tourism were so good here. The route is not easy, but this is what attracts tourists.

With the introduction of the visa free regime, Grodno region is breaking all the records in visitors.

At the last weekend alone as many as 700 tourists visited the Augustow Canal.

The organizers of the festival are sure that with the opening of the water season, this number will continue growing.