Why Russian tourists prefer Belarus year after year?


Why Russian tourists prefer Belarus year after year?

Monitoring for safety also means attracting more businessmen and tourists to Belarus. Even Russians come to Belarus for peace and tranquility. By the way, the Day of Unity of Belarus and Russia is marked on April 2. Temporary (I hope) conflict of trade interests between the two countries will not prevent people from communicating and having fun. Yevgeny Pustovoi has more on the topic.

Mikhail Bardashov, tourist (Russia):
Our friends told us about White Russia. They visited it once and definitely recommended it.

It is spring. Russian tourists flock to Belarus like storks. This is because of warmer weather and calmer atmosphere.

Mikhail Bardashov, tourist (Russia):
We most of all enjoy the peace. The very nature says: "Do not hurry, do not rush, take a rest."

Mikhail comes here for the sixth time.

Mikhail Bardashov, tourist (Russia):
Each year the infrastructure is improving here. The first time we came we saw this housing being built. And now look at this beauty!

Representative of a health resort:
We are most often visited by residents of Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg... A lot of people come from Tula and some even come from distant Vladivostok.

Belarus for Russians is not only a window to Europe, but also the magic mirror, in which one can see all the best that was preserved from the Soviet era.

Tatyana Tikhonova, tourist (Russia):
You have a very distinctive atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly. We live in a different way. We always hurry somewhere, this haste is everywhere. But here everything is so calm, measured.

Tatyana Tikhonova, tourist (Russia):
We love local dairy products and meat. The taste is different. They drink kefir every day.

It turs out that Russian consumers know Belarusian dairy products better than the name of the head of Rosselkhoznadzor watchdog.

Some Russians come here specifically to buy Belarusian products.

Olga Inozemtseva, tourist (Russia):
We know your dairy products, particularly Babushkina Krynka. The Zhlobin meat-packing plant. In Russia, we have your shops and don't have problems buying your products. Russians like all Belarusian goods.

For the Inozemtsev family, Belarus has become a second home.

Oleg Inozemtsev, tourist (Russia):
I do not feel that I am in another country. Not at all.

Olga Inozemtseva, tourist (Russia):
Impressive castles, nature, history... It's all very interesting, beautiful. These are the attractions we in Russia don't have. We really don't. There are many others, but not the ones you in Belarus have.

Igor Partin, tourist (Russia):
We will take this lard and sausage home. Everything. In Anapa, we have stores with Belarusian products and knitwear.

Olga Partina, tourist (Russia):
We have been to other countries. And everywhere we found something interesting, but we loved Belarus for the fact that it's clean, beautiful, has good roads and is quiet and good in general. We were sincerely welcomed here.

The Partin family first visited Belarus when they were newlyweds.

Igor Partin, tourist (Russia):
It is a soulful place. Even 37 years ago, it was great. We arrived on honeymoon here 37 years ago and were immediately stunned. It was so clean everywhere like in Europe. People don't litter. Maybe they do litter, but it is all cleaned quickly. If you had the Mediterranean Sea here, this would be a paradise.

Natalya Cherepanova, a local resident:
We came from Vologda and decided to stay here. We felt this is our place. The place we would like to live and raise our children.

In Belarus, the Cherepanovs built a house and raised three hardworking Belarusian children.

Alexander Cherepanov, a local resident:
For us freedom is here: we live and breathe freely. After all, this is a village: comfortable and cozy.

Natalia notices that even birds are willing to weave their nests here and stay. It seems that Belarusian Peace does have some kind of its own magnetic force.