Belarus, Russia celebrate Day of Unity April 2

Belarus, Russia celebrate Day of Unity April 2

Day of Unity of Peoples of Belarus and Russia was celebrated on April 2. The Union, which has become a landmark for the history of integration structures in the post-Soviet space was born exactly 20 years ago.

Minsk and Moscow cooperate in all directions today. The main purpose of the Union of Belarus and Russia was the strengthening of national economies and improving the welfare of Belarusians and Russians.

The President of Belarus noted that April 2 is not just a significant date. Alexander Lukashenko underlined, in particular:

"The benefits of union integration are undeniable. Together we are making a great contribution to the provision of social guarantees and equal rights of Belarusians and Russians, as well as the deepening of bilateral cultural ties. The high level of trust allows us to work closely in the field of foreign and security policy. In a relatively short period of time, the Union State project revealed a huge creative potential for further development of the economies of Belarus and Russia," said Alexander Lukashenko in his message to the Russian leader and nation.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin also congratulated Belarus on Unity Day. Vladimir Putin stressed the relevance of the Union State and praised the results of the integration cooperation.

Congratulations on this day sounded even from... space. Belarusian Oleg Novitsky is now working at the ISS. Rosaviakosmos organization sent his words from the Earth orbit.

Oleg Novitsky, cosmonaut:
I am fully confident that the strong friendship of our peoples will last many, many years. Russia and Belarus are truly fraternal peoples. Examples of this can be very easily found in our history.

День единения народов Беларуси и России отмечается 2 апреля