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Task group on a working visit to Vitebsk region

The problem issues in different sectors of economy are continued to be analyzed by representatives of different authorities. A task group of the Economy, Labor and Social Protection, Architecture and Construction Ministries of the Republic of Belarus is visiting Vitebsk region. Together with the representatives of the local authorities, the task group is discussing the issues concerning the establishment of working places, the increase of salaries, and attraction of investments.

The aim of the visit is to define the reserves of economy growth. According to the task group, agriculture in Vitebsk region is not developing efficiently enough, though it is highly supported by the government.

Yuri Chebotar, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
The pressing issue today is the agriculture sector. None of the sectors got so much support as agriculture did. A package of documents was signed last year, and we really have to get some work done, find reserves, and find out how to increase the efficiency of agriculture and agricultural organization.

Systematic suggestions, which will be forwarded to the government for confirmation, will be worked out concerning all the pressing issues. In a period of two weeks authorities are planning to visit all the regions of Belarus.

Task group on a working visit to Vitebsk region