Belarus President launches Garlyk Mining and Processing Plant during visit to Turkmenistan


Belarus President launches Garlyk Mining and Processing Plant during visit to Turkmenistan

The Garlyk mining and processing plant in Turkmenistan is the largest foreign project in the history of independent Belarus. The launching of the plant was one of the main events of the week.

Belarus builds objects in many countries. In Russia, Venezuela, Ecuador asked Belarus to build blocks of flats and a kindergarten. And even in Nicaragua, where they are planning to build a transoceanic canal, and alternative to the Panama Canal, Belarusian specialists are going to take part.

The Garlyk mining and processing plant has already been built. President Lukashenko went on an official visit to Turkmenistan to launch the plant. During the visit other joint projects were discussed.

Bright costumes, national dances and carpets, right in a desert.

More than 3,000 people are shouting out “Welcome, Belarus”!

The plant looks impressive from the outside, but the real work was done inside, nearly 400 meters below the service. This is where the potash reserves are.

The rich reserves in Garlyk were known of in the Soviet times. However, even such a strong economy the USSR had didn’t take the risk of developing the deposits. A lot had to be done for developing the place. Roads had to be built; the building site also needed gas and electricity.

Both Alexander Lukashenko and Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov knew that it would be difficult to build the plant in a desert, but the scale of work was discussed in the building process.

The Garlyk mining and processing plant is the first plant in this sphere for Turkmenistan. For Belarus it is once again a grand export project. The plant takes up 100 hectares of land. The project;s power is nearly 1,500 million tonnes of mineral fertilizers per year. Belaruskalii is five times more powerful than the Garlyk plant. Nevertheless, the Garlyk mining and processing plant will be the largest in Central Asia.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
You know, I was surprised to hear that as many as 5000 potassium fertilizers were produced. Then I thought to myself, what is my friend is going to do with all of this? And he gives the first lot to his neighbor. Well done! This is how you should live, then you’ll be respected, everyone will lean towards you and will be thankful. It is the greatest decision to give it away. You know, it doesn’t cost the Garlyk mining and processing plant anything, but it’s a symbolic step, which doesn’t only raise the President, but the people of Turkmenistan as well. It’s a worthy step.

This plant is need of highly qualified specialists. Belarusian builders are the best advertisement of Belarusian universities. Nearly all the employees of the plant took up their training in Belarus. Bu the way, the 11 signed documents touched upon the education sector.

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, President of Turkmenistan:
I suppose that the construction of the Garlyk mining and processing plant, with a production of 1.4 million of potassium chloride per year, is the flagmanship, the symbol of Belarus-Turkmenistan economy relations. And once again I would like to congratulate Alexander Lukashenko and all our Belarusian partners.

The Garlyk plant solves several problems in one go. First of all it is food supply security. What is more, as many as 1500 vacancies were established at the plant at its initial stage. A hospital, a school and a kindergarten were also built in Garlyk.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I suppose half of what we can do isn’t necessary for Belarus. However, schools were established, wonderful specialists were trained. The whole education system was orientated at high technology. And we made a decision to preserve everything that we got from this great country, no matter what it cost. These technologies are not my merit and not the merit of this generation. Sorry for not being modest, but our merit is that we didn’t sell it and preserved it. Belarus can do everything. Practically everything.

The crucial moment of pressing the start button and launching the Garlyk mining and processing plant. A historic moment. A new industrial sector of the national economy is born at this very moment in Turkmenistan. The mining industry.

This ritual on the last day of Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Turkmenistan looks especially symbolic. Pressing the start button meant activating bilateral relations of Belarus and Turkmenistan.

Belarusian aircraft No. 1 landed in Ashgabat in the evening. President Lukashenko was greeted with a traditional Turkmenian round loaf.

The cortege of Belarus President took its time while traveling in the city. Later on Alexander Lukashenko will explain that he was fascinated by the landscapes he saw.

Night time Ashgabat certainly astonishes and surprises. In the day time it is spotlessly white, and in the night time it turns into the decorations for an eastern fairytale. Nobody knows how many lights are used in the city, but it is the pride of Ashgabat’s citizens and one of the symbols of the city.

The capital of Turkmenistan is constructed from white marble. Ashgabat was even included into the Guinness Record Book for having the largest amount of buildings built from this material. Many of the sculptures and street lamps are even gilded.

Turkmenistan is a reserved country, but Belarus President is visiting the country for the sixths time now.

The two presidents emphasized several times that they are more than just colleagues. Alexander Lukashenko doesn’t address Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov by his name, but uses a traditional for Turkmenistan prefix “eke”, which is a symbol of respect and friendship.

Turkmenistan is rich in potash and oil deposits. The economy of the country is mostly resource-based. However, having such resources doesn’t mean that the industry is developing well. It is due to the reduction of market places and fluctuation of resource prices. Turkmenistan understands that the economy must immediately take up the processing approach. They are ready to buy technologies and equipment from Belarus.

Jahanbai Yagshimuradov, head of MTZ representative office in Turkmenistan:
All the imported tractors have air conditioning. Maximum parts are made from metal, not from plastic. Because plastic tends to melt in the summer heat.

Today Belarus and Turkmenistan are discussing the special development of producing a diesel train for the hot climate. Turkmenistan has its doors wide open for Belarusian IT specialists.

All the agreements have been confirmed by real deeds. The Belarusian Embassy has been opened in Turkmenistan.

The building was constructed out of white marble, but has everything Belarusian inside. The furniture for the Embassy was brought from Belarus. The President of Turkmenistan presented a traditional carpet with an ornament, which means gas reserves. In a way it is another hint that Belarus and Turkmenistan are going to cooperate in in all sectors and directions.

Some two days of official visit, meetings, hundreds of handshakes, a dozen of signed documents. These are the results of Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Turkmenistan.

The East is tricky, that is why the relations of Belarus and Turkmenistan are made up into a colorful puzzle, made up of the friendship of the two presidents, of mutually profitable economy connections and sincere fellow feeling of two nations.