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Weightlifter Daria Naumova: I'm proud to be part of Dynamo sports club

155 delegates representing all regions of Belarus took part in the 23rd special conference of the Belarusian Sports Society Dynamo. The main topic of the meeting was to summarize the results of 2016.

Dynamo society has many things it can be proud of.

Alexander Bogdanovich, rowing and canoeing Olympic champion:
For me it is a great honor. I'm glad that I am part of Dynamo society and now am a member of the commission.

Daria Naumova, weightlifter, Olympic bronze medalist:
It is a great pride and honor to be in Dynamo club, perform in the international arena, to show a good result. I love when the Belarusian flag is raised and it's obvious that Dynamo benefits from it too.

The meeting also outlined the main directions of Dynamo's work in 2017. One of the priorities is children's sport.

Andrei Borovsky, chairman, BFSO Dynamo:
The main task in 2017 is preparation of athletes for the European games, the Olympics in Korea. And, accordingly, as I have said, the development of youth sports, the development of our applied sports, military types, which we cultivate at home.

Weightlifter Daria Naumova: I'm proud to be part of Dynamo club