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Belarus may create institute to assess effectiveness of laws

Belarus may create an institute which task will be to evaluate the effectiveness of laws. This prospect was voiced by the Council of the Republic, where issues of lawmaking were discussed on April 30.

According to experts, the main purpose of the structure is to objectively evaluate legislative acts and find an optimal scheme for their implementation.

In this Belarus is guided by the example of Germany.

However, work on legislative acts does not stop immediately after their adoption. This process is permanent. As an example experts cite Ordinance No3.

Alla Bodak, chairwoman of the Permanent Commission for Legislation and State Building, upper chamber of Belarus' parliament:
The idea behind this decree was not fiscal, but ideological. We wanted to motivate people for work, to stimulate employment. The explanatory work carried out by state authorities to a certain extent helped explain the meaning of the law in the broad sense.

Now the Parliament of Belarus is discussing a draft law on normative legal acts. Its developers say that none of the post-Soviet countries has such a comprehensive document in this area.

About 200,000 legal acts are now in force in Belarus. More than 10,000 documents were adopted in 2016.

Belarus may create institute to assess effectiveness of laws