Premiers of Belarus and Russia discuss oil and gas issues

Premiers of Belarus and Russia discuss oil and gas issues

Belarus and Russia premiers Andrei Kobyakov and Dmitry Medvedev are trying to find a solution to problems in the energy sector.

The heads of government of the two countries held talks on March 30 in Gorki near Moscow.

Thus, the prime ministers are hoping to unload the agenda of the upcoming meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus on April 3. The sides touched upon the difficult but important questions. In particular, the dynamics of trade and economic relations, as well as the long-running dispute over the energy supplies to Belarus.

Andrei Kobyakov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
I want to note that this year we started actively our mutual trade. According to our data, the January turnover growth rate was almost 144%.

Moreover, there is growth from both sides when we talk about goods export. Now is the time to take additional measures that would allow us to return to the level of trade and economic cooperation we had a few years ago. But you are absolutely right, there are a number of issues that require discussion and we hope very much that we would be able to resolve some issues before they become part of the agenda of the meeting between our heads of state.

Dmitry Medvedev, Russian premier:
It is no secret that the meeting is being held on the eve of the upcoming meeting between the presidents of the two countries. We have some questions to be resolved, some of which have long been on the agenda.

This is, above all, co-operation in fuel and energy complexes. Well, let's try to look for some solutions.

The heads of government had time to discuss other issues on the agenda too. By the way, Dmitry Medvedev said that the prime ministers of the two countries interact frequently and there are always a lot of topics for discussion.