Belarusian embassy opened in Turkmenistan March 30


Belarusian embassy opened in Turkmenistan March 30

Belarus and Turkmenistan will intensify their cooperation in the field of international transport, as well as in trade. Negotiations of Alexander Lukashenko and Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov concluded in Ashgabat.

The Garlyk Mining and Processing Plant became a symbol of Belarusian-Turkmen friendship. It was noted by both sides. On March 31, the presidents will launch the complex. Belarus will continue to support and train staff for Turkmenistan, Alexander Lukashenko assured his counterpart.

However, the potential for the development of relations between the states is evident in many areas.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The successful completion of the ambitious joint project to build the Garlyk mining and processing plant has once again demonstrated the high potential of our cooperation. I still want to emphasize that this was a joint project. We built it with you. As we agreed. We're not 'great capitalists', who come, snatch something and go away. Then we agreed that we would bring technology and train people. And today, many Turkmens can proudly say that they have mastered the technology. Belarus regards your country as one of the most important economic partners in Central Asia. Today I was once again convinced that many states, including China or Japan, saw your country as a foothold, a base from which one can trade with the entire region to the south of Turkmenistan. This is Iran, Pakistan, a huge country, and especially India. You have direct access to the Arabian Gulf. You have done everything to attract not only investments, but also the interests of the leading countries and companies around the world. And it is thanks to your idea to develop logistics, develop transport corridors. You have said correctly: we need to identify and select this corridor through which our cargoes will move.

Belarus is ready to create a diesel train for the hot climate of Turkmenistan. The countries could also cooperate in the IT sector and science. This may be an exchange of experience and developments in agriculture, energy efficiency, health and biotechnology.

Belarus and Turkmenistan signed 11 documents following the talks. The leaders have issued a joint statement in which they confirm their readiness to cooperate in various fields.

On March 30, the Belarusian embassy opened in Ashgabat, with both presidents taking part in the ceremony.

The heads of state were familiarized with the interior of the administrative building and the territory of the complex, which was followed by a tree planting ceremony near the embassy.