Turkmen students of BSU Geography Faculty about plans and future work

Turkmen students of BSU Geography Faculty about plans and future work

The Garlyk Mining and Processing Plant is today one of the largest projects of Belarus abroad. However, in addition to the construction of the potash giant, Belarus helps Turkmenistan in staff training.

For example, engineers-geologists study in the Belarusian State University (BSU), the largest high school of Belarus.

By the way, in 2017, the Faculty of Geography is planning the most large-scale graduation of students from Turkmenistan.

Turkmen land is rich in resources. Oil, natural gas, potash and others... Moreover, the mining industry of the country needs staff more than ever. So the specialty of engineer-geologist is very popular with Turkmen students.

Merdan came to study to Belarus.

Merdan Charyyev, student, Faculty of Geography, BSU (Turkmenistan):
Belarus has extensive experience in mining and not to borrow such experience is a crime, in my opinion!

Of course, there are differences in the occurrence of layers, in genesis, but still we are given knowledge about all these types of deposits.

The Garlyk plant is one of the largest projects of Belarus abroad. The potash giant in Turkmenistan was built by Belarusians in line with a turnkey agreement.

Mikhail Brilevsky, deputy dean of geographical faculty of the Belarusian State University:
Belarus is among the top three countries in terms of reserves and potash production. We have vast experience.

For more than 50 years have we been developing these deposits. Turkmenistan is just beginning to develop these deposits.

Mineral exploration requires practice. And Turkmen students get enough of it both in Belarus and at home.

Dzhennet Babaeva, student at the Faculty of Geography, BSU (Turkmenistan):
I was an intern at the Garlyk field. I worked with potassium salts. It is very interesting. We also had internship at a geological station in Belarus.

Meanwhile, the older are already making plans.

В 2017 году географический факультет БГУ планирует  самый большой выпуск студентов из Туркменистана

Azat Yagshymuratov, student, Faculty of Geography, BSU (Turkmenistan):
My good friend - Maksad - he also graduated from the Belarusian State University, geology. He now works at the Garlyk field. He says that if I study well, I will also be hired.