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Belarus and Russia hold joint military exercises

Belarus and Russia hold joint military exercises in Vitebsk. Special Forces of Belarus and Airbone Forces of Russia have been involved in the exercises. Their team was strengthened with the participation of reconnaissance officers, engineer department and communications unit. During the two weeks of training, the work out of countersabotage tasks will be underscored.

Vadim Denisenko, commander of Special Force of the Republic of Belarus:
The exercises have been planned in an unusual way, we moved back from the range’s border,

and only the final stage will be carried out at the range.

Andrei Stesev, executive officer of airbone division (Russia):
The tactics of the Airborne Forces and the Special Operation Forces are pretty much different.

However, there are some similarities when carrying out some tactical tasks.

During these military exercises we will analyze the preparation process of Belarus’ and Russia’s Airborne and Special Forces.

Internal Forces of the Republic of Belarus are involved in the military exercises as well.

According to the military legend, the soldiers will have to block the enemy and eliminate illegal armed groups by joint efforts.

Belarus and Russia hold joint military exercises