Belarus says farewell to Mai Dantsig

Belarus says farewell to Mai Dantsig

Belarus said farewell to the People's Artist of Belarus Mai Dantsig.

He was one of the brightest representatives of Belarusian art over the last 50 years.

Mai Dantig was referred to as maestro of austere style. He does not only have landscapes in his collection, but there are portraits of Vasil Bykov, Ales Adamovich and other famous Belarusians as well.

He died aged 86 and left a whole era of Belarusian art behind him.

Boris Svetlov, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus:
Mai Dantsig did not live to his 87th birthday and a whole era of Soviet art passed away with him.

The genius of austere style was born in Minsk. He managed to finish three classes of music school before the Great Patriotic War (the conflict fought during the period from 22 June 1941 to 9 May 1945 along the many fronts of the Eastern Front of World War II between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany) During the war he painted posters and leaflets for some money. It saved his family.

There are several paintings by Mai Dantsig in the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus. The picture “My town”, which was painted in 1972, is his hallmark. Mai Dantsig painted portraits and landscapes,

till the very last moment of his life he passed on his skills to the students of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts.

Anna Kononova, artist, pupil of Mai Dantsig:
During our classes he often said that life is like a delight, and art is like a delight. This feeling of delight and sunshine was his stimuli for life.

“The Partisan Belarus”, “My Minsk”, “Partisan wedding”, his paintings are known all over the world, but they are appreciated in Belarus. Mai Dantsig was awarded the Order of Fransysk Skaryna.

Mai Dantsig:
I suppose that I am a happy man, because I am doing my favorite job.

His star will remain a sun which will always keep the souls of his pupils and friends warm.