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Belarus, World Bank launch seven projects totaling $650 million

Belarus and the World Bank have begun to develop a new partnership strategy.

Details were discussed March 28 in talks with the delegation of this international organization.

The World Bank provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries. The WB cooperates with Belarus thanks to a broad portfolio of joint projects.

According to experts, these projects are among the most effective, when compared with similar programs in other states.

Vasily Matyushevsky, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Over the 25 years of cooperation, the World Bank has invested more than 1.6 billion US dollars in joint projects.

It should be noted that Belarus has a relationship of trust with the bank and we expect to continue to consider the bank as a strategic partner.

Kyle Peters, World Bank's Senior Vice President, Operations:
Over the past few years, the World Bank has increased its support for Belarus. One of the reasons why I came here is that we now begin developing and agreeing with you a new strategy to support Belarus on the part of the World Bank Group in 2018-2021.

At present, Belarus and the World Bank have launched seven projects totaling $650 million.

Belarus, World Bank launch seven projects totaling $650 million