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Book “Russian Bible of Fransysk Skaryna is 500” presented in Minsk

“The Russian Bible of Fransysk Skaryna is 500”. This is the name of the book which was presented in Minsk. It’s a unique edition of the Vrublevsky’s Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. It has illustrative material from nearly 30 libraries, museums and archives of dozens of countries. One way or the other they are somehow connected with the Bible of the Belarusian printing pioneer.

The book contains a lot of new facts, which have high degree of probability. For instance, there is a fact that it was Skaryna who laid out the Royal Garden in Prague. There are also facts about Fransysk Skaryna’s Prague book editions.

Alexander Grusha, director of the Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library ,the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus:
This book tells us where Fransysk Skaryna printed his books in Prague. There are ideas on what monestry had a great influence on Fransysk Skaryna’s translation adaptation. At long last it’s a small sensation. An opinion that Fransysk Skaryna never had a mustache is expressed in the book as well.

An exposition dedicated to the heritage of the Belarusian printing pioneer has already been opened in Minsk. Facsimile editions of Skaryna and original editions of his followers are presented at the exhibition. Some of the originals are at least 100 years old. A separate stand dedicated to the beginning of the Cyrillic book printing in Eastern Europe can be seen at the exposition.

Book “Russian Bible of Fransysk Skaryna is 500” presented in Minsk